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Enhance the attendee journey, reduce financial liabilities and experience flawless execution.

Housing is mission critical.

Successful housing management isn’t just nice to have when it comes to event management – it’s mission critical. Flawless execution is essential in maintaining control of your room block, both before and after cut-off, and mitigating financial liability from start to finish.

Sound familiar?

We understand the pain (and cost!) associated with a poorly executed housing management solution.

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Are unexpected attrition costs hurting your event budget?


Cumbersome Reports

Are you stuck with insufficient or unclear reporting?



Struggling with rooming list management after cut-off?


Inventory Management Issues

Are you frequently running out of rooms on shoulder nights or struggling to get VIPs into the correct rooms?


Lack of Overview

Do you feel that you don’t have a complete view of what is happening in your housing block at all times?


Platform Problems

Are you constantly frustrated by housing platform integration issues?


Poor Attendee Experience

Does your housing management solution feel disjointed from your event registration experience?

Platform +

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Housing management is complex. It’s not just about getting the contract right or creating a smooth attendee experience or ensuring that your platform is configured properly. All those elements must be overlaid with a deep understanding of the nuances of hotel management. Process is just as important as the platform when it comes to housing management. Bring a good process to a good platform, and watch housing magic happen.

We are platform experts

ATWM leverages the RainFocus Housing Module to execute their tried-and-true housing management processes to maintain block control, eliminate integration issues, mitigate attrition, and elevate the attendee experience.

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Refined and proven processes

With experience managing over 20,000 sleeping room nights across multiple properties within one program, to negotiating hotel contracts on every continent, to being able to depart a venue post-event with a fully reconciled sleeping room bill, ATWM can transition your housing management experience from a headache to something you don’t even think twice about.


Utilizing ATWM

for housing management has been a huge win for our user conference. ATWM is a strategic partner, whose expertise not only minimized housing management pain points from a previous year, but also helped drive optimizations and venue concessions that saved thousands on execution costs. By choosing ATWM, you're immediately adding deep housing expertise to your events team, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective housing management process, maximizing the overall success of your event.


Rodney Hart

VP Events

Let us handle your housing management needs.

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